When looking around for a school there are certain things that you need to decide on before you start the process of looking for a school. For example, you should look into whether it is a public school you want, a private school or a boarding school. You should also decide whether you want a coeducational school or an all-boys or all-girls school. Depending on factors such as these you can then start looking around for schools to enroll your child in.

Ask Around?

If you are new to an area and if you are not sure which is the best school to enroll your son or daughter in then you can ask around. For example, if you are new to Brisbane and are looking around for an all-girls boarding school then you can ask around for a girls boarding school in Brisbane.

School Fee

The school fee is another important factor that you should take into consideration. You should also look into the payment arrangements organized by the school and looking into the scholarship programs will also be beneficial.


If your child is big in sports then you should ensure that sports is encouraged in the school. Most schools do focus on sports however, not every school has every sport. Therefore if your son or daughter has a sport that they want to play such as basketball then you should look into whether the school offers basketball or not.

Gather Information

One of the best ways to find out if a school is the best fit for your child or not is to gather information about the school. This will be beneficial as you can read up on the curriculum the school follows, the extracurricular activities the school does, you can look into whether or not the school encourages sports and if so what kind of sports are played. You should also think about what you want the school to do for your child. For example, if the school encourages after school individual classes for children and if you feel your child can benefit from one on one attention then this can be a plus point for you. Therefore when you have an idea of what you want from the school and what you do not want from the school it will then be easier for you to make a decision.

The Location

The locations of the school will matter in terms of convenience. However, if you do find a school to your liking and one that you think your child will benefit from then you should not look into the aspect of distance. Especially if you put your child in boarding school you may want a school that is within close proximity to where you live however, it will be better for the child if you were to put them in a good school that is far off from where you live than put them in an average or not very good school but one that is close to where you live.