Whether your child loves routine or prefers adventure and change, going to school is a great deal for them. Some kids may enjoy the new environment while others might feel reluctant with the big change they are facing. As parents, seeing your child happy and enjoying the first day at school is a big success. For some, it might not be easy since you might feel anxious too just like your child. To make things a little bit easier, here are some tips on how to prepare your child for their first day at school and make it memorable for both of you.

Know What to Expect

Knowing what to expect at school can greatly help you in preparing your child for the first day. If you’ve already chosen a Darwin school, pay it a visit first and observe how everything goes in a normal day. You may also take your child with you to give him a feel of the environment, whether he’s comfortable with it or not. With this, you can help your child battle the fear of the unknown by giving him an idea about what he would be expecting on a regular day at school. Whether your child is a first-timer in school or just moving up to bigger school, this technique definitely helps a lot in preparing him.

Talk Positively About School

Another way of preparing your child for school is to talk positively about it. Be enthusiastic about school – talk about the fun things he could experience there like meeting new friends, learning new things, and many more. Talk about the teacher so he feels familiar when he gets to see her during the first day. Try doing school activities with your child at home such as reading and writing to make him a little bit familiar on what to do at school.

Know the School

Before classes start, knowing more about the school is one great way to help your child be ready for school. Visiting the school with your child in advance is a great way to familiarize him with the place so it doesn’t feel the new to him on the first day. You can also make him look forward in going to school by talking about the fun things he can do with friends with all the toys and equipment you both saw. Some schools hold social events before the start of classes so that parents and children can get to know each other, encouraging unity and support between everyone.

Teach Them Practical Skills

While it is helpful to have a head start in basic academic skills such as writing and reading, practical skills such as mingling with people is one of the essential skills you should teach your child before he enters school. These skills will come in handy as he moves around with everyone at school. School is the perfect place for countless opportunities in learning and development of your child. Be sure that he’s fully equipped even on day one.