Making a good choice on the school which you would admit your kid to, can be quite a mammoth task. This is because you have to choose between a mixed gender school, or a single gender school when comparing all odds on the performance and facilities available in the school as well. There can be advantages and disadvantages to choosing a single gender school over one with mixed genders, they can be an influencer to performance, focus and interactivity. Given below are the pros and cons of a single gender school respectively.

Pros Of A Single Gender School

There are major benefits of an all girls school in Brisbane or an all boys school. In terms of architectural and designing purposes, if you have just one gender as students of the institution, there will be no difference required in the planning of washrooms or classroom areas. They can be catered to one and have no conflicts in the process.

Another advantage of having single-sex schools is the elimination of unnecessary distraction during a young age. Given the situations and differences in the behavior of the current generations, it is very common to develop worthless crushes towards other of the opposite sex, which can serve as a distraction and loss of focus.

There is also less pressure for them in terms of performance. Boys do not have to be affected by the fact that there are girls who are better than them or vice versa. Since these factors can affect their performance and confidence levels, it is better to be of a single sex school, so that they are given the freedom to pursue any passion they want without being judged and ridiculed by the opposite sex.

Cons Of A Single Gender School

When children are admitted to a single sex school, there are high chances that these kids would lack the capability of absorbing the reality of a mixed gender environment outside their school. It can be a challenge to adapt to the different culture which would be alien to them having been schooled at a single sex school.

There can be interactivity issues too. After being accustomed to the entire environment being mostly of one gender, it might be difficult for your child to interact with the opposite genders in the long run, due to the culture that they are made familiar to.

Being in a single sex school can increase the chances of stereotyping as well. This can happen due to the lack of association with others on different interests and passions that may be in possession. If the child attends a mixed gender school, most of them will be aware that boys are capable of liking to paint or do poetry, and that girls can be great in science or engineering as well.

There are many benefits and drawbacks to sending your child to a single sex school. But just because they seem to be drawbacks, it does not mean that they can be fixed through other methods, and being benefits, does not mean that mixed gender schools would lack this capacity as well. Therefore, the final word on the decision depends on your preference and evaluation of both kinds of schools.