There are so many ways to find a good hosting company overseas or internationally. But if your website is Australian, then you need an Australian hosting company. The challenge is to find a good fit as hosting solutions have mushroomed in the country in recent years. On the plus side, you can definitely find the perfect hosting provider for your business if you look hard enough. It will take some time and a lot of research, but it’s not impossible. Here is a list of tips for finding a great hosting company right here in Australia:

See How Many Australian Domain Extensions the Company Offers

Is the hosting company only offering .au local domain extensions? A great Aussie hosting company would offer much more. For example, offers additional local domain extensions including .melbourne and .sydney. For hyperlocal businesses, these domain extensions can offer far more focus than just .au. Therefore, to maintain your local focus, find a hosting provider that offers loads of local domain extensions.

Look for an Australian Owned Company

An Australian owned company would have staff and main offices in Australia, as opposed to a branch of an international hosting provider. The advantage is that you can purchase services at locally sensitive prices, unlike multinationals that set prices considering global conditions. Plus, you can be assured that the hosting provider is knowledgeable about what local Australian customers want.

The Hosting Provider Must Have Servers in Australia

If the hosting provider’s servers are located elsewhere, then there’s little point in paying for their services. When you serve a local customer base, speedy services can only be ensured by servers located closer to them in Australia. If your business is located in a single city, find a web hosting company with servers near the city for the best results. The closer the server is to your customer, the faster the website services will be. Additionally, you may experience security concerns when data is bounced between local and international servers. All local servers are bound by Australian regulation and privacy laws. Internationally located servers are not, so you are better off with a provider that exclusively offers onshore servers.

Services are offered with a Guarantee

Does the hosting company offer a guarantee for services, such as a moneyback guarantee? If so, then you are in good hands. Even if you don’t like what the provider offers, you can always get your money back thanks to the guarantee. Companies that guarantee their services are confident in what they offer, so you may get better services all around.

Look for Great Customer Support

At the end of the day, even the best priced hosting provider is useless if the customer service is subpar. Hosting is a highly technical area where your site will occasionally run into tech problems. If the hosting company is not very good at responding to requests or fixing tech problems as soon as they arise, then it will be very difficult for you to run your website. Therefore, make sure the hosting provider you choose is known for providing excellent customer service.

Pay attention to the above suggestions. Use them to find a great hosting company in Australia that your business can work with for years to come.